Alarm Pulls, Trade Supplies and Lighting Accessories

dedol in association with sleeklight™ is an award winning family business based in Cornwall, England. Founded in 2013. We are proud to support British industry and manufacturing, all our products are manufactured by us in house. We started making traditional Bathroom light pull cords, then added different designs and colours to our range. Many of our products are now sold in large retailers and trade suppliers.

In 2020 we branched out to manufacture products aimed at the the medical and healthcare profession. Replacement Triangles for Disabled Toilet or Nurse Call Alarm Pull Cords, as well as handles designed for home use by people suffering from Arthritis or other conditions that found the act of gripping a standard pull cord hard.

Cost effective and available to order the same day in any quantity direct from stock. Free same day shipping on all orders no matter how big or small. Alarm Pulls and much much more

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Introducing Cordgienic™


sleeklight™ have teamed up with Cordgienic another innovative UK company to offer the ultimate in protection for any Alarm Pull cord, Wipe clean antibacterial cords offering the following benefits.       

  • Cordgienic offers a hygienic, anti-bacterial alternative to traditional nylon pull cords that represents a major step forward in infection control.​

  • Cordgienic is plastic coated making it easy to clean and less prone to breakage. What’s more, the plastic coating itself offers inherent anti-bacterial properties to further reduce infection risks.

  • Cordgienic costs around the same as traditional nylon lighting cord, yet it continues to protect patients and prevent infections month after month, without the regular replacement required for contaminated nylon cords.

  • Cordgienic is available in white for lights or orange for emergency calls, in a range of lengths to suit your decor needs.

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